CANDLEMAS (The Presentation of the Lord)
Saturday, 2nd February, 2019 at 7.00pm

As part of this service, Cantiones Sacrae will sing
the glorious Mass for Four Voices by William Byrd.

This day marks the completion of forty
days since the birth of Jesus, when Mary
and Joseph took the Infant to the Temple in
Jerusalem to offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving
for the firstborn son and to meet the
requirements of the Law for Mary’s purification
after childbirth. The Holy Child is
acclaimed by Simeon as ‘the light to lighten
the Gentiles’. The image of Christ as the
Light has led to the celebration of light
countering darkness, with candles often
taking a central place in the observance of
this festival

Free admission.  All welcome.

St Salvador's Scottish Episcopal Church
St Salvador Street

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